Stick Around- For My Wife

I remember when I first knew I adored you

You said you doubted my existence

But baby, you’re an eight and I’m a three

And together we make the finest pair of ones

I remember when you stated that you hated winter

You said the cold and snow bores you

My fierce mind soared into a million reasons why you should love me, even when the temperature drops below thirty two degrees

It wasn’t long before you said you couldn’t wait for it rain icicles from the sky

That day my passion started to rage with the sort of heat that only the stars can understand

And I promise to always be your warmth

Love, you make me dream in cans of Kansas Soup, swim in an endless ocean of joy, and rise like a hot air balloon.

From the first glance of two infinite constellations pouring faith into my desperate soul

I adored you

I adore you

I remember the day I asked you for a moment

Instead you promised me a lifetime, sighed and occupied the empty cavern in my chest

I remember the time you made me so hungry that I couldn’t begin to eat

I aligned my eyes with yours and realized that the only sustenance in this world worth knowing is your lips on mine

Thank you, for feeding me

You made desire out of my hurt

Fashioned the needle to sew my broken heart into trust

Left your ring on my empty night stand, and stood by me when my eyes couldn’t bare the guilt of failure

I remember the night I asked you if you thought love was enough

You smiled, and said “what do you think?”

I adore when you answer my questions with a question

Because the only answer that makes any sense to me, is you