A Million Ways to Say Nothing.

So, I setup this account a few weeks ago in an attempt to weave myself into the fabric of writing, or at the very least sharpen my voice through practice.  Like so many of us with an artistic goal I often find myself so immersed in the process t that I freely sacrifice my ability to step back and view the breath taking landscape laid out long before I ever had the idea to touch my words to paper.  Maybe that’s what I am doing now?  Maybe this is an attempt to discover a community of people who feel a little bit like I do.  A group of people aware of the power of art and its affect on the world, I know it exists, even if my experience with it has been limited. 

With that being said, I don’t know what I am getting myself into.  I have no vision or intent for this, am I supposed to?  Truth is I am a moderate at life.  There are days where I feel radically defiant, supremely pessimistic, hell bent on changing the world.  Other days I feel blindly optimistic filled with the short of joy that settles ones heart into a murmur of apathy.  But most days I fall somewhere in between.  Fully content to admit I am nothing special.  A small part of a large world filled with writers who, even on their best day, can only aspire to the sort of genius sparked from the thoughts of their predecessors.   Maybe that’s what this is all about, a place to document my aspirations to voice the sort of analytical power writers like Herman Hesse displayed as if it were intuition.  Then again, maybe this is the sort of classy blog that starts with the commanding intelligence of the word so and leaves you wanting more.  We shall see!